Why does volleyball help increase your height?
October 15, 2018 | By Rachel Lee
Volleyball originated in the United States and is loved all over the world. Volleyball rules are relatively simple. Two teams try to get the ball touching the opponent's court in order to score. The team that wins 3 sets will be the winner. Volleyball not only gives players the feeling of excitement and fun but also supports the players' height growth. Let's learn more about this in the article below.
Helping children abandon some bad habits in order to grow taller
October 7, 2018 | By Rachel Lee
There are some bad habits that adversely affect height growth. Maintaining following bad habits in taking care of your children is that you are hindering your children's height growth.
Three golden stages for height growth in children
September 30, 2018 | By Rachel Lee
Human height growth takes place continuously from fetus to adulthood (usually 22 years old for females and 25 years old for males). However, there are certain times that scientists consider the "golden stages" for the height growth. Understanding these stages, mothers will plan to care for children's height in the most effective way and help them achieve maximum height.
Proper sleeping helps improve height
September 23, 2018 | By Rachel Lee
There are quite many factors that determine human height growth. Among those factors, sleep accounts for 25%. Sleeping properly is the simplest method to improve height.
Some height-increasing sports for males
September 17, 2018 | By Rachel Lee
Proper exercise is the tip to increase height effectively that males should not ignore if they want to improve their modest height. Let's learn more about some height-increasing sports for males in the article below.
Playing badminton helps the height grow favorably
September 12, 2018 | By Rachel Lee
Badminton is a popular sport that offers great benefits to human health. One of the benefits of badminton is to facilitate height growth. How does badminton affect the height growth? Let's learn more about this in the article below.