Nutrition during pregnancy helping your children get optimal height in future
December 10, 2018 | By Rachel Lee
Pregnancy is also considered one of the golden stages in children's height growth. If pregnant women have proper diets combined with a healthy lifestyle and good mental health, their newborns will achieve good weights and height, which facilitates the babies' height growth later on. Let's learn more about nutrition during pregnancy in the following article.
What are factors that affect children's height growth?
December 3, 2018 | By Rachel Lee
Height is increasingly playing an important role in life, which helps provide us with better opportunities for work and social relationships. That's why many parents have tried to take care of the height growth of their children in various ways. However, many of them also do not know what factors can affect the height growth of their children. Understanding their concerns, some leading nutritionists have shared some useful information on this subject in the following article.
Five tips to increase height for children whose parents are short
November 26, 2018 | By Rachel Lee
Many people still think that children of short parents will also be short. However, they do not know that genetics only accounts for about 23% of human height growth while the remaining 77% are nutrition, exercise and sleep. According to some nutritionists, if parents want their children to stay healthy and grow taller, they absolutely must not ignore five extremely important below factors.
Why should you practice pull-ups to increase height?
November 19, 2018 | By Rachel Lee
When talking about height-increasing exercises, we cannot help but mention pull-ups. Pull-ups can be done easily with a pull-up bar and this is a prominent advantage of this exercise. Why is pull-up one of the most effective height-increasing exercises? Let's learn more about this exercise in the article below.
The main causes of poor calcium absorption in humans
November 11, 2018 | By Rachel Lee
Proper and adequate calcium supplementation will help maintain bone growth and improve height while also preventing osteoporosis and some calcium-deficient diseases. However, in fact, not everyone is able to absorb this mineral well. The question is what the main causes of poor calcium absorption are.
Nutrition tips for significant height growth
November 4, 2018 | By Rachel Lee
Nutrition is one of factors that affect height growth. However, not everyone knows what kinds of foods they should eat and how to eat to increase height. Let's learn more about this in the following article.